There is a basic desire of mankind to worship a deity that is more advanced then us. How many times through the centuries, have previously unknown cultures been discovered by explorers, which were found to have an “established form of worship” already in place!

             Think for a moment of the tribes in  South American discovered by the Spanish explorers so many years ago. These men were shocked and amazed at the brutal worship practices the people followed. Why? Because we all have that implanted desire to return to a full relationship to our Creator. This desire, is encoded in us, and when incorrectly directed, has caused the creation of the many forms of idol worship throughout the millennia.


             If a person, or persons desire sincerely to know God, God will find a way to lead that person to Himself. And that person may not even understand, God himself is leading him down the path of knowledge, just so that the seeker can find him!


With that in mind, Let me ask you a question…..


             What made you come to this page? Curiosity? Accident? Recommendation? Or if you look at the progression of online searches that lead up to you finding this page, you may begin to understand that maybe, just maybe, God Himself is calling out to you, and trying to call you back to him.


             Now, you may identify as a Christian, or as and atheist, or just as a person looking for something more out of life then just the daily routine of life. But no matter what your position Spiritually, God desires a personal relationship with you... YOU! It doesn't matter what your friend might say, it doesn't matter what your neighbors do, God has chosen you, But, there are choices that must be made by the individual first, before God will fully claim you!

             If you have no idea what “being saved” even means, but you sense that there is more to life then what you are experiencing right now, you can know, and, you can know your Creator, personally!

             Obviously you have questions, the good news is, you can find the answers that you are looking for. It takes time, lots of time, patience, and labor is required, but the answers for your questions are available to you! You might even find some of them in these pages!



             So the question is, are you still curious? If so then CONTINUE


             Yawn I’m outa here!








What or who are you seeking?